Colour Blocking, Crystals and Loulou Magazine

Click on the link below to find out what I am wearing.

Sorry for being away for so long! Things are getting a tiny bit hectic as I am planning my big move at the end of the months. Lately, it's been all about packing, decorating (you can check out some of my inspiration right here) and buying stuff for my new place leaving not much space for anything related to fashion. I'll try to keep as on track with blogging as possible while everything goes down. 

In the mean time, here is the link to my 2 last blogposts on the Loulou Magazine blog. Yes, the month is already over! My stint as the magazine's guest blogger is already over...but it sure was fun while it lasted. Big thanks, once again, to the Loulou team. It is always so much fun working with you!!

*sorry, both blog posts are in french.


Christine said...

amazing dress! it looks beautiful on you and your skin tone! :) i saw your feature in LOULOU mag and I decided to check out your blog! you have amazing style, and it's great to see another Canadian bloggers out there! :)


MeginsLeggins said...

I absolutely love this dress ! what a fabulous colour, I'm so into this royal blue. I also saw the feature in Lou Lou magazine and I'm glad I checked you out !